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Photographic Evidence

Our Philosophy on “Orbs”

Round balls of light (aka Orbs) are considered by some to be the spirit energy of the deceased. While we have no proof that they are not, what we do know is that there are several naturally occurring particles that reflect light and show up in photographs. Some of these “spirit orbs” can be attributed to other factors such as dust, humidity, insects, pollen, etc. Due to this, it is impossible to determine whether an orb is a spirit energy ball or a naturally occurring particle or anomaly created by the camera aperture and therefore

we do not present them as evidence.

The above photo was taken at the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida
The cones were placed in front of a doorway where a secret room had been discovered within the Fort.
The room contained skeletal remains. While it would be easy for some to draw a conclusion about the “orb” in the photo, it is actually a product of the light reflecting off the cones and into the camera aperture.

SIPR has analyzed thousands of photographs. To date, there are only 2 photos that we have been unable to debunk. One of those photos can be seen in Co-Founder Denise Roffe’s first book:

Ghosts and Legends of Charleston, South Carolina.

Due to our desire to protect the confidentiality of our client, we will not be sharing

the other photo on any public forum.