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More on Georgia’s Supposed Werewolf

Written by Co-Founder Denise Roffe

A few years ago she made her home with her widowed sister, Mrs. Mildred Butts. About a year ago the two sisters removed to Marietta, Ga. to live with Mrs. Butts daughter, Mrs. Luther Benson, where Miss Burt died on June 18th after several years of failing health. Everything that devoted love could suggest or best medical skill could accomplish was done

to prolong the life of this dear one but all in vain.

Death though inevitable is always sad, but when it takes from us one who has grown dearer with each

passing year of a lifetime it is doubly distressing.

The death of Miss Emmie Burt brings sorrow to many hearts here in Talbot county where she lived so many years and where her name is a synonym of Christian greatness and grace. Her ministering hands have brought comfort and

cheer to many sick beds and her unfailing sympathy hope to the sorrowing and afflicted. Wherever she went her noble unselfish nature was a proverb among her friends.

God bless her precious memory and consecrate it to the eternal good to those who love her and bring peace to the stricken hearts of her only sister and other near and dear ones who consider her loss irreparable.

She was buried by the side of her father and mother in the family cemetery near Woodland.

One Who Loved Her

A few feet away from Emily's final resting place is another intriguing grave - that of Emily's cousin - Sallie Emma Owen. Sallie Emma was killed by Dr. Ryder (a dentist) on April 5, 1896 at a friend's home in Talbotton, GA. After shooting her as she sat in front of the fireplace in a friend's parlor with her boyfriend, Dr. Ryder then fled to his office nearby and attempted suicide by poisoning. He was rescued by friends and later charged with the murder of Sallie Emma Owen. He went to trial and was found guilty, but was lynched before sentencing could be carried out.

Sallie's spirit is said to haunt the home where she was killed. SIPR had the opportunity to investigate the house. It was an interesting night, however, we believe that Sallie and Emily are both at rest.

The story of how Emily Isabella Burt came to be known as the “Georgia Werewolf” has been written in several published works including “Weird Georgia”.  To date, I have been unable to find any documentation substantiating this claim. The first accounts of the story seem to have been born from the creative mind of over-zealous authors who may have stumbled upon newspaper articles detailing the accounts of a normal, possibly rabid animal behaving irrationally. As myself and my team continue the search for the root of the legend, we ask that those who are interested in visiting Emily’s grave do so with utmost respect.

The famed resting place of Emily Isabella Burt and her cousin Sallie Owen is located near Woodland, GA on private property. If you are interested in visiting the cemetery, or helping with the preservation and restoration, please let us know. Over the years, the property owner has become a good friend to SIPR.

The owner of the land where the cemetery is located is a retired Detective.

Trespassers and vandals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.