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Southeastern Institute of 
Paranormal Research Exploration of the Unexplained

The Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research was founded in 2008.

Currently, SIPR’s team is made up of like-minded individuals who share an interest

in the scientific study of the unknown. While SIPR is an investigative research

team that uses technical equipment to collect data from the physical environment,

we also utilize psychical research methods. We bring our psychical research

team into the investigation “cold”. The team follows strict methods and impressions are collected individually. The data we collect from our psychical research team is often validated through evidence and historical research.

Each SIPR member is required to submit to an annual national background check.
Each member is also required to adhere to a set of procedures and protocols that define our investigative techniques as well as a strict code of conduct.
SIPR members are invited to join the investigative team for a period of one
year before a permanent vote takes place between the members.

SIPR members are available for Ghost Hunting Classes,

Speaking Engagements, and Special Events.

Please contact us for details!

Denise Roffe is co-founder of the Southeastern Institute of
Paranormal Research. Inspired by a passion for paranormal research
and more than 16 years of experience as a paranormal investigator,
she is an accomplished author.

Copies of Denise’s book can be purchased by ordering from your local
Barnes & Noble, Amazon or directly from the publisher.  She is more than happy to autograph your book. Contact us for details.