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The most tangible evidence captured by paranormal investigators are instances of Electronic Voice Phenomena. With decades of combined research experience, SIPR has analyzed thousands of photos. We have only analyzed 2 photos that we were unable to debunk. To date, we have not encountered any video that we were unable to debunk.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are categorized into different classes based on clarity. These classes are:
Class A - The voices and sounds are understood by all who listen. The words are unmistakable, loud, and clear.
Class B - Voices and sounds cannot be deciphered clearly. Tones are low and hard to understand. Those listening may               disagree as to what is being said.
Class C - Voices and sounds are extremely faint and incomprehensible.
Class D - These may be whispers, faint murmers, or breathy sounds that are too questionable to be classified as                paranormal
Class R - Voices or sounds that are audible when played in reverse.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are unexplainable audible paranormal events (usually voices or
sounds that cannot be attributed to anyone present), of unknown origin, which can be heard and captured in
audio recordings on various types of electronic recording apparatus. The phenomenon has been captured
using tape recorders, telephones, answering machines, and a variety of digital audio equipment.



You Did

This Class A EVP was captured at 1:35am as the team investigated a historic theater in Fairburn, GA. Apparitions of children have been seen there. As the group was sitting on the stage passing a ball back & forth, a little girl can be heard singing. No children were present.

This Class A EVP was captured at approximately 11:40pm at a historic theater in Perry, GA. A theater staff member asks “Have you seen me here before?” and then “Did you hear that?” A woman staff member responds “unt-uh. I thought I heard like a scuffle in the hall” and the male staff member says “I thought I heard a voice” – response EVP “you did”.

This Class B EVP was captured at a historic private residence in Jonesboro, GA as the team was settling into a room. One team member is talking and then the "Get Out" is heard just before another team member says "I saw bumper stickers..."

Get Out

This Class B EVP was captured at a historic private residence in Byron, GA as two team members were talking one team member is saying “… think that they knew those two ladies were afraid of them.” Another team member responds” Uh-huh” and then a man’s voice can be heard saying “They Afraid”.

They Afraid

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