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Emily Isabella Burt grew up in an area known as Pleasant Hill near Talbotton, Georgia. Although her name is mentioned in several books as being known as the "Georgia Werewolf", it is important to note that those stories are pure fiction.

Emily Isabella Burt was not mentally ill. Her name is not recorded in the courthouse records as being afflicted with any kind of illness whatsoever - mental or otherwise. She did not suffer from the mental disease known as lycanthropy.

She lived and learned from her Mother, who was a great and kind person and extraordinary businesswoman. I know that from the legal documentation that I obtained, through her Last Will and Testament, her obituary, and various newspaper articles.

At the time of her death Emily Isabella Burt was living with her sister in Marietta, GA and owned a 300 acre estate in Talbot County, partial ownership of a warehouse in Talbot County, a house and land in Bullochville (Meriweather County), and a house and land in Columbus, Georgia.

She was well loved and respected throughout the Talbot County communities as well as the Cobb County communities in which she lived.

Her obituaries read:

The Talbotton New Era

Thursday, June 29, 1911

Page Six

Miss Emily Burt, of Midland, Ga., died at the home of Mrs. Benson in Marietta, Ga., Sunday June 18, 1911. Her remains were brought to Woodland for burial Tuesday, June 20, 1911. A more extended notice of her death will appear in these columns next week.

The Talbotton New Era

Thursday, July 20, 1911

Page Three

Death of Miss Emmie Burt

Miss Emmie Burt was born and reared in this county midway between Bellview and Pleasant Hill at the Burt Homestead. For more than half a century this dear old home was the seat of hospitality and neighborly cheer.

Georgia’s Supposed Werewolf

Written by Co-Founder Denise Roffe

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