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The Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research was founded in 2008 by
paranormal investigators Denise Roffe and Diane Culpepper. 
The organization was incorporated in 2019.  

SIPR’s team is made up of like-minded individuals who share an interest in the scientific study of the unknown. While SIPR is an investigative research team that uses technical equipment to collect data from the physical environment, we also utilize psychical research methods. We bring our psychical research

team into the investigation “cold”.  The data we collect from our psychical research team is often validated through "hard" evidence collected during the investigation and historical documentation.

Each SIPR member is required to submit to a national background check and adhere to a set of
protocols and procedures that define out investigative technique. 


SIPR Team members are available for Ghost Hunting Classes, Speaking Engagements, and Special Events.

Please contact us for details!

Our Team

Our purpose is to research and investigate paranormal phenomenon and to educate others concerning matters in this field.

We are a motivated, skilled, and professional group with decades of experience. We follow strict procedures and approach each investigation with confidentiality, professionalism and practicality.

We understand that calling a team in to investigate is not an easy decision. We will respect your right to privacy. Any evidence that we collect will only be released with the property owner's permission.

We will disclose research findings in a professional but sensitive manner, free from any personal bias.   

Our Mission

A word from SIPR Founder, Denise Roffe

In light of the fact that there are unscrupulous research teams "out there" who prey on those in need of help; it's important to acknowledge that there are also those who are dedicated to finding answers and helping others. 

I have had the privilege of putting together a stellar investigative team. Through decades of experience, they are well-versed in their unique techniques.

Each team member has had their own experiences and reasons for choosing this path of investigative

study of the paranormal. 

In short, they are an extraordinary group of people and I am honored to work with them in this incredible field. 

SIPR does not charge a fee for our private residence investigations. We will never abandon a client in need.

Ticket sales during our events typically benefit the historic location and/or organization where the event is held.
Any profit that SIPR receives helps to further our research.

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